Terrorist Strikes on Champs Elysee, Kills One and Wounds Two, Then Is Killed

Generally speaking, the only major effect actually accomplished by terrorists is to create a pronounced backlash.  The backlash tends to be part of a vicious circle, in that it fosters acting out by more people whose tendency to commit terrorist acts would otherwise remain latent. How Terrorism Can Alter Elections More details on the attacker, […]

Terrorist Blast in Syria Kills 109 Including 80 Children

Link: http://www.sfgate.com/news/world/article/Thousands-expected-to-be-evacuated-in-Syria-after-11076395.php  



The Plot to Kill Tsar Alexander II and the Woman Who Led It

Profiles in Terrorism: Sofia Perovskaya Terrorist Princess

The Narodnaya Volya were terrorists who emerged in Russia in the 1870’s. They developed a philosophical justification for murderous terrorist acts. They pioneered terrorist propaganda and the protoype of the terrorist organization. Learn more…


  • John Wilkes Booth, The Tragic Actor Who Played Brutus to Lincoln’s Caesar
  • John Brown, an Original American Terrorist

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