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Youtube Suicide Shooter Was an Animal Rights Protester

Another act of terror burst upon us April 3, 2018 thanks to Nasim Aghdam.  Before killing herself, she invaded the Youtube campus in San Bruno, California and shot three people at random.  It turns out, she had received previous publicity with her fervor for the cause of animals.  As reported in the New York Times, […]

Las Vegas Shooter Had Father Who Was Psychopath

In our Profiles in Terrorism series, we have noted that a profile trait shared by terrorists is that they tend to be influenced in the direction of a parent.  Stephen Paddock, the recent Las Vegas shooter responsible for killing at least 59 persons and injuring hundreds more before he committed suicide, turns out to be the […]

Barcelona Terrorist Killer Acted “Drunk”

We have noted in Profiles in Terrorism that after pulling off his or her signature terrorist act, if the terrorist isn’t killed or captured, then afterwards he or she appears to be disoriented, confused and aimless.  This seems to be true of recent terrorist Younes Abu Yacoub.  Twenty two year old Abu Yacoub was the […]