Barcelona Terrorist Killer Acted “Drunk”

We have noted in Profiles in Terrorism that after pulling off his or her signature terrorist act, if the terrorist isn’t killed or captured, then afterwards he or she appears to be disoriented, confused and aimless.  This seems to be true of recent terrorist Younes Abu Yacoub.  Twenty two year old Abu Yacoub was the killer who mowed down and killed14 innocent unarmed people on the Ramblas in Barcelona.  He later stabbed to death another unarmed motorist when hijacking his vehicle.  Abu Yacoub was spotted four days later in the street of a small Catalonian town called Subirats by a local resident named Agusti.  Agusti had the following to say about Abu Yacoub’s demeanor:  “I found his reaction strange.  He resembled a drunk.”  Abu Yacoub staggered into a nearby vineyard.  Agusti called police, who soon afterwards shot Abu Yacoub to death.